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Welcome to The Learning Lounge. As we navigate through the School of Life or, as I like to call it, Earth School, there is always so much to learn in support of creating a fuller more meaningful life. In the Lounge you will find thought provoking articles, free and feel good downloads and periodic offerings of online classes for purchase that you can download and keep. Be sure to subscribe to receive email announcements when new resources are added. I invite you to stop by the lounge often, see what speaks to you and allow learning to be an ongoing way to support YOU in being the BEST YOU possible!

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What Face Are You Choosing?

How our faces change The thoughts that you are thinking today create the face you will have in the future. Next time you are out and about notice people’s facial expression. Their facial expressions are a physical representation of their thoughts. Do they look Happy? Angry? Sad? Worried? The thoughts and resulting emotions that they

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Embracing Your Uniqueness

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. – Judy Garland  . Why do we care? Do you ever wonder why we care so much what others think about us? Each one of us is a unique and special individual. What if you were to live your life

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“NO” Is a Complete Sentence

Is this You? You say yes to something you really don’t want to do just to keep someone else happy You have a fear of letting others down You are constantly apologizing You hate confrontation You rarely ask for or accept help You feel exhausted and depleted from putting everyone else’s needs before your own

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Who is Really Choosing Your Thoughts?

How Patterns of Thinking are Created Over our lifetime we develop patterns of thinking based on our experiences and the different people who role modeled behaviors to us. When we become adults, we begin to notice that there are certain patterns of thinking that seem to be creating more unhappiness than good in our lives.

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How to Feel Good About Your Body

Is that what I really look like? When I started recording videos for The Joy Lab I was struck by the image of myself on the screen. I remember asking myself “Is that what I really look like?”.  I realized that I was judging my body shape, my skin and even how I was moving

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Expectations vs Acceptance

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare Often when I am coaching a client on upsets they are experiencing in a relationship I hear these statements: • “Why would anyone in their right mind think like that?” • “A normal person would never behave that way.” • “Why do I have to

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Best Anti-Aging Secret

Stress Accelerates Aging   We hear it often, STRESS is the number one cause of illness and premature aging. Although, we think we are managing it the best we can, our bodies are telling a much different story.  So we try DOING all sorts of things to decrease it, but still feel the affects of

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What is BALANCE anyway?

What is BALANCE? In a conversation with a client recently we were discussing the word “balance”. We hear this word often, suggesting that we find balance in our lives; most often referring to the balance between work and play. At first blush it seems obvious, work and play should play equal parts in your life,

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Mindful vs Mind-FULL

What’s on your mind? Our thoughts dominate our entire lives. Our thoughts demonstrate how we feel about ourselves; how we feel about others. Some thoughts formed at a very early age define our belief system and have written the story of how we see the world. Certain thoughts will repeat over and over again, inducing

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